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NetAffair is a service provider, providing services to the IT domain. We do all type of IT work, from cloud, storage, Web design, Software development, Mobile app development, VAPT, Software Testing, data science and analysis, IoT and the list goes on. Our team consists  dedicated App developers, Cyber Security Professionals, Business Analyst and Graphic Designers.

Our services

Website Design

Most companies are judged based by their presence on the online web. Need to get your company a website? Or you already have a website but need to redesign it? No problem! NetAffair got you covered! Based on your industry we will give you the best website. We will also take care of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and help you get relevant traffic to your website.

Digital Marketing

With the world adapting to technology and leaders looking to technology to expand their business, we bring to you a service that will give your company the marketing that you need, we Advertise your company digitally which will help you grow and expand your business, thus creating a high brand value. We will create, handle and deliver content on social media applications like Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, etc. We have designers to create content for your brand during festive seasons and other occasions which will help you grab public attention.

Design and Content Strategy

Companies are often remembered by their main colors or their logo. We provide services that will help you stand out with the best colors, logos, business cards, brochure, etc that suit your brand and product. This often forms the basis of your marketing and PR activities.  Starting with a new business or revamping your current design, we got you covered by a team that a fine eye for design!

Digital Transformation

Brands require a 360-degree strategy that is targeted, holistic and effective, with an absolute digital mindset. Automation is a key factor in digital transformation by automation of various processes in your organization, it can help you serve your clients more efficiently by reducing time, resources and most definitely human errors. At the heart of our digital strategy is to be interactive. Facebook has the whole world online. Twitter has almost 600 million users. When you add it all up, it means a lot of people are spending a lot of time online. Through a coherent content strategy, apps, contests, etc., we keep your fans engaged, entertained and raring for more.

Software development

Software development refers to building real time, user defined, industry specific, dynamic based software. We build all types of software I.e. web applications or desktop applications. Our software development team understands your need, comes up with a list of possible solutions and tells you which one will be best for you!

Mobile application

We develop Applications for IOS and Android devices. These applications can be built for corporate purposes or any idea you feel can help humans perform task at the tip of their finger through a mobile application! And we would love to help you build it, with our dedicated team specialized in developing mobile applications.

Search Engine Optimization

Today, whenever struck with a problem we turn to google for a solution. Thus using google to get clients could be your jackpot. The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine is SEO. Having a great-looking website is essential, but a great website is useless if no one sees it! So to reach potential customers you need to have website with greater visibility (i.e higher on the search results) online. Search engine submission is the best forms of marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is taking your online marketing strategy one step higher, it is essentially displaying your website link as an add that shows up higher on the search results page before the organic/unpaid results are show. You are basically paying Google to advertise for you when a search based on certain criteria like business category, location, etc. These ads can be ran on a predefined budget which can be as low as needed.

My Process

Define Requirement

This is when you have an idea of what you want but is still not sure how to get your vision working. At this phase, we work with you to understand and define what your technological needs are. We help you transform your vision into a technical design document, which will be the basis of your entire project


Once the technical document is ready and after receiving your approval and feedback we will work towards creating a prototype working model of your product. Using this prototype you can analyse and understand what you want changed or redesigned. This will help you understand your requirements and manage change at an early stage.


After receiving feedback on the prototype, we start to build the actual product. We follow an agile project management technique with weekly or daily calls happening between stakeholders of the project, updating each other with the progress made and also taking feedback on the product built this far.


Now that the product is built, we work to maintain it based on your requirements and technological advances. We want you to have the best product by always making sure the product is efficient and top notch on the technological front. You can call anytime requesting a change and we promise to help you to the best of our capabilities.

Run Your Apps Anywhere

Hosting and Cloud Services

We make it possible for you to host your applications on the internet by proving fast application at our servers across the globe. Depending on the region your target audience exist, we will provide you servers and cloud services close to that region thus enhancing your server access speed.

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